Professor Salman Siddiqui

Professor Salman Siddiqui specialises in precision medicine and phenotyping, exploring ways to create treatments that work with patients’ individual needs. He is applying these approaches to COVID-19 in both UK and EU consortia to provide treatments that are tailored for patients with COVID-19 pneumonia and ensuring the best diagnostic and prognostic markers are implemented rapidly into clinical care pathways.

Professor Siddiqui is currently coordinating several COVID-19 studies:

  • Chief investigator for an EPSRC/EMBER-funded study into volatile breath/multi-omic profiling in COVID-19 pneumonia, using biological data to define biomarkers.
  • Leicester lead for national experimental medicine trials in COVID-19.
  • Principal investigator in a European group researching AI imaging-based diagnosis, and preparedness for coronavirus pandemics.
  • Involved with a national steering group for post COVID-19 imaging.
  • Current COVID-19 publications have evaluated the asthma risk of COVID-19 and image-based computer models of lungs in COVID-19 pneumonia.