Professor Chris Brightling

Professor Chris Brightling’s research focusses on improving the clinical management and understanding the mechanisms of airway diseases such as asthma, chronic coughs and COPD. He has published almost 400 peer reviewed articles and is a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Senior Investigator, alongside many other key positions he holds within leading global respiratory disease research bodies. Professor Brightling coordinates EMBER, the UK’s Medical Research Council’s Molecular Pathology Node and is the respiratory lead for the IMI 3TR – the prestigious European Innovative Medicines Initiative consortia.

Professor Brightling is drawing on his experience in research excellence and leadership to coordinate the research teams at the University of Leicester and three Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust sites in their COVID-19 response.

The University and NHS Trust are working closely together, coordinated by Professor Brightling, to support the clinical COVID-19 research response. They are currently recruiting participants for national priority trials of therapies for COVID-19 and have been recognised for both the highest and fastest recruitment rate of patients to the RECOVERY trial – a national study into the most effective treatments for COVID-19. Following the team’s success they have been approached to support the set up of research in the new NHS Nightingale Hospital London. The team are also working with the European Respiratory Society to develop a long-term follow-up of those admitted to hospital with COVID-19 and will collect clinical data to provide deeper insight into the disease.