Dr Jayne Trickett

Lecturer in Psychology


I completed my PhD in the school of Psychology at the University of Birmingham in sleep in children with neurodevelopmental disorders which included children with rare genetic syndromes. Following my PhD I undertook a postdoctoral role within the department of Health Sciences at the University of Leicester working with Professor Samantha Johnson to assess cognitive and academic outcomes in childhood following extremely preterm birth (EPICure2@11 study). I was then appointed as postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Mathematical Cognition at Loughborough University where I was involved in several projects. These included evaluating the role of executive function and specific mathematical skills in overall mathematical attainment and foundational number skills in pre-school children and the role of the home numeracy environment. I am leading an on-going project investigating whether timing learning multiplication problems prior to sleep improves retention compared with learning in the morning. I started my role as a lecturer in Psychology at the Department of Neuroscience Psychology and Behaviour in November 2021. 


My research interests include:

• Assessing sleep using subjective and objective measures and its implications for cognition and mental health in the general child population and in clinical paediatric populations

• Neurodevelopmental and academic outcomes following extremely preterm birth

• Mathematical cognition in typical and atypical populations.

Funding awarded: Trickett J. (PI) & Gilmore C. Multiplication and sleep- does learning before sleep improve recall? British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grants (£9876)

I was accepted onto the British Academy of Childhood Disability-Castang Fellowship scheme in January 2019. This two-year training scheme provided training and support to apply for a research grant in the area of childhood neurodisability. 



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I am happy to supervise PhD students in any of the areas of my research interests in particular on sleep in children.


I currently lecture on a third year core module: Brain and Cognition where I introduce students to the topic of numerical cognition. I give a lecture for the optional second year module: Topics in Social and Developmental Psychology. This lecture discusses the research on cognitive profiles of children with neurodevelopmental disorders associated with intellectual disability and the methodological considerations of studies assessing cognition in these populations. I give a lecture for the optional second year module: Topics in cognitive neuroscience on sleep and memory. 

Press and media

I am happy to discuss sleep in children with neurodevelopmental disorders


PhD in Psychology: University of Birmingham

MRes in Clinical Psychology: University of Birmingham

BSc (Hons) in Psychology: University of Bath

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