Writing for PR

Module code: MS3027

PR is all about how organisations such as brands or charities communicate with the media, politics and the social world. The number of PR jobs – across all regions of the globe - continues to grow. It is distinct from advertising’s visual emphasis in how it specialises in written and spoken communication. In its broadest definition, PR is about using communication to influence attitudes and behaviours in a target audience, alongside more general management of image and reputation.

All types of organisation place PR at the heart of their operations. From governments and political parties, to business, to international NGOs, trade unions, public services such as healthcare providers, entertainment industries, charities and other campaigning pressure groups. This module provides a broad introduction to the field and practice of PR. It has a particular emphasis on one of PR’s distinctive core skills – persuasive writing and speech. To this end, the module will introduce PR with an emphasis on what is known as the “rhetorical model” – i.e. the focus on persuasive language.

Workshops will encompass learning and practising skills in understanding, and writing your own, persuasive content. As well as expanding your academic knowledge, you'll be able to say to any potential employer that you know how to, and have direct experience of, writing news releases, promotional copy and speeches.

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