Understanding Ecosystems and Environments of the Distant Past

Module code: GY3433

During this module you'll look at the main evidence for global environmental change during the Quaternary period. A particular focus is placed on understanding the process and pace of glacial and interglacial cycles through the consideration of a number of archives of biotic (e.g. pollen) and abiotic (e.g. sediments) proxies of environmental change. 

The module builds on Introduction to Past Glacial Climate Changes from year 2 in providing more specific consideration of regional responses, especially in the low latitudes, and more technical consideration of the theory underlying various climate proxies.

Topics covered

  • Evidences from continental and marine sedimentary records
  • Rapid climate changes at different temporal and spatial scales
  • Evolution of Neotropical flora
  • Calibration of radiocarbon ages
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