Introduction to Francophonie

Module code: FR1027

French is a world language spoken and represented in many countries across the globe. This module provides transnational perspectives on language, culture and identity in the Francophone world. It considers key historical developments that have marked the evolution of the French language as well as cultural and socio-political debates on the role of language and Francophonie in the French-speaking world today. Several case studies from the Francophone world are examined. A selection of texts are studied to explore some of the tensions that inform the relationship between language and identity in different parts of the Francophone world.

Topics covered

  • Historical overview
  • Francophonie and the French language in the contemporary period
  • Language, identity and the nation: the case of Belgium
  • Language use and language planning in Quebec
  • Language and conflict in Algeria
  • Identity, nationhood and language in Senegal
  • Narrating the colonial experience in Cameroon through text
  • Literary representations of postcoloniality and agency in Algeria
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