Styles: Advanced Creative Writing Workshop I

Module code: EN7041

This module gives you the opportunity, space and time to develop your own writing, and reflect on that writing, in conjunction with tutors and other students. You'll develop your creative practice in a sustained way, by writing and receiving feedback from peers and staff.

The module is structured around two interwoven strands, one of which is a 'theme', one of which is a 'form.' Usually, these are 'Memory' and 'Poetry.' This structure gives you the opportunity to learn about a key form in depth at the same time as allowing you to work and experiment more broadly across forms and genres within a key theme.

Whether or not you decide to pursue poetry later in the course, there are techniques, skills and disciplines which you learn from experimenting in the form which are useful, and often of fundamental importance to all writing; and clearly the theme of Memory is one which runs through many forms of writing, including non-fiction, fiction, poetry and script-writing.

Teaching methods may include workshops, seminars, individual tutorials and a guest masterclass. There will be writing exercises, as well as opportunities for sharing work, and giving and receiving feedback. For the final assessment, you can choose to write in any form (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, script, new media), but normally the work submitted will engage in some way with one of the two strands of the module.

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