Engineering Design and Experimentation

Module code: EG1006

You'll learn how to design simple components and products, do practical engineering experiments, and write computer models to analyse engineering problems. In short, this module is the start of your journey to applying scientific and mathematical principles, and solving real engineering challenges. It is divided into design classes using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, practical laboratories on areas like materials testing and electrical components, and computer analysis classes. You'll also undertake a course of basic workshop skills to appreciate how components are manufactured. 

This will give you the opportunity to learn about the use of specialist engineering software, and review the specific software we use regularly. Our team can tell you which software packages we currently use for teaching at one of our Open Days. The most important skill you'll develop is not how to ‘drive’ one specific CAD or computer analysis package, but the ability to translate your creative ideas to a design that can be made. Over the course of your career as an engineer new and updated software will be released all the time, but good basic design and analysis skills will always be in demand.

It is so important for all engineers to be able to design products and carry out experiments in all the main branches of engineering, and this module helps you achieve that. Professional Engineers communicate their results through engineering drawings, circuit diagrams, formal written reports and presentations. You'll start to develop these valuable skills as part of a process that will continue for the rest of your course, and your career.

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