Argentina: From Perón to Kirchner

Module code: SP2025

This module aims to provide you with a broad understanding of the historical and cultural development of contemporary Argentina from Juan Domingo Perón’s first government to the Kirchner administrations. Particular attention will be paid to the rise of Peronism, the dictatorship, the transitional period, the crisis of 2001 and the rise of Kirchnerism, drawing upon a range of materials, including literary fiction, documentary film, art works and media sources. On completion of this module you will have developed a critical awareness of the two major socio-political movements and of the three key historical moments of Argentina’s contemporary history through a series of cultural responses to them. You will be able to discuss recurrent themes in recent Argentine history and demonstrate your knowledge of literary, artistic and cinematic techniques through oral and written presentations.

Topics covered

  • Peronism
  • Dictatorship and transition
  • Crisis of 2001
  • Politics of Memory
  • Kirchnerism
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