Physics Special Topics

Module code: PA4980

By producing the department’s own Journal of Physics Special Topics, you will gain experience as a researcher, author and editor, and referee of scientific papers.  This module will give you an important insight into the process of peer review and scientific publishing. It provides scope for creativity, for group work in a realistic context, and for the opportunity to revise some basic physics.

Working in small teams you will come up with ideas for, research, and write, simple original physics papers. As a referee you will review and critically appraise other students’ work, pointing out mistakes and invalid conclusions. You will also take part in the student editorial board meetings and, as an editor, you will have oversight over the whole process and make the final decisions on whether or not a given paper is published in the Journal of Physics Special Topics.

You will develop your ability to work in teams, to communicate scientific ideas clearly and concisely, and to give and receive criticisms from peers. You will also gain experience in giving evidence and communicating ideas in a boardroom environment.

Topics covered

  • Authoring and refereeing scientific papers, and editing a physics journal
  • Developing original research ideas and building models to solve new problems
  • Science communication
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