Major Project

Module code: OP3005

This module requires you to complete a supervised major project on a topic of your choice and relate it to professional and clinical practice of the ODP. You will also undertake a period of negotiated clinical placement in relation to your topic. The module will give you a deeper understanding of the enquiry and research skills linked to your chosen topic and the broader role of the ODP. This includes understanding of the research process including ethics of research, promotion and application of evidence based practice and critical evaluation. The major project will allow you to demonstrate a high level of understanding, personal control and individual creativity. This module will encourage you to be ambitious in your scope and demonstrate awareness of the contemporary work, critical thinking and innovations relating to your chosen aspect of peri-operative practice.

(In order to complete this module, students will also need to engage in a period of elective clinical placement and an element of additional self-directed learning.)

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