Holistic Assessment and Recognition of Health and Social Care in Children's Nursing

Module code: NU2112 (double module)

We will look at the assessment and recognition of common presenting conditions in children’s health – such as ear infections, chickenpox, fevers, croup etc. and will consider the effects that co-morbidities have on patients, as well as the methods we can utilise to assess the severity and impact on children, young people and their families.

We will explore pathophysiology (the coupling of pathology and physiology that aims to explain the functional changes that occur within an individual due to a disease and their progression) – in relation to the conditions above. We will also look at epidemiology, the study of where diseases occur, and their causes – and analyse epidemiological evidence of disease causation.

This module will be taught through a varied selection of lectures, seminars and workshops, problem based, case studies, online activities and flipped learning.

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