Planning, Intervention and Evaluation of Care with a Focus on Older People

Module code: NU2015 (double module)

In this module you will identify the role a nurse has in negotiating nursing care with patients, families and carers and we will focus in particular on the caring of older people.

We will examine the evidence base that underpins the planning and intervention strategies for nursing care, and we will apply models of nursing care to the planning, intervention and evaluation of care.

Finally, you will conduct a case study and construct a supporting care plan for an older person where you will demonstrate an understanding of the theories and concepts that underpin the management of frailty and care of older people, and explore the impact that older people’s choices and decisions may have on their care and support needs.

This module will be taught through a varied selection of lectures, seminars and workshops, problem based, case studies, online activities and flipped learning.

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