Psycho-social Concepts of Public Health, Health Promotion and Health Protection

Module code: NU1014

This inter-professional module is facilitated with student midwives and student nurses learning together using a range of methods that include specialist subject lectures, small group tutorials, online activities, problem-based case scenarios, practice based learning/caseloading as well as directed reading and independent inquiry.

The module examines epidemiology and population data alongside health policy and the theoretical underpinnings of public health, health promotion, health protection and behaviour change models. The challenge that health care professionals face in public health practice within the complexity of a multi-cultural society are explored. You will be guided in applying these theories and principles to the context of midwifery practice. This will enable you to understand the effect that health inequalities can have on individuals and communities in terms of their psychological and sociological health needs, and how any subsequent intervention strategies are determined.

Society is a complex phenomenon and you will be introduced to equality, diversity and inclusion principles, including the variants of the 'family unit'. Such knowledge and understanding will ultimately support your decision making in practice where you should always work in partnership with individual service users, patients, their carers’ and families. Policy and strategies for the protection of vulnerable adults and safeguarding of newborn infants and children are also examined through the use of case studies. As a midwife, you will be in a unique position to initiate public healthcare initiatives/interventions as a means of improving the nation’s physical and mental health.

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