Genomes and Development

Module code: NT3006

This module will illustrate the techniques of modern molecular genetics that are being applied to investigate the organisation, evolution and maintenance of the integrity of genomes, and provides “hands-on” experience of many of the relevant techniques through practical sessions. You'll consider a wide range of genomes, including those of bacteria, yeast, insects and humans. You'll examine the ways that organisms transmit and regulate their DNA and genes to understand how this knowledge can be used in modern molecular genetic analysis.

The study of human genetics and disease and how genes control an organism's development are two of the most vibrant areas of modern biology and this module will explore how molecular genetics can be used in these areas. Practical classes will cover the molecular genetics techniques to carry out human sex testing, examine chromosome rearrangement, analyse inheritance in families and investigate the development of mutants to study cell fate in Drosophila.

Topics covered

  • Organisation of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes
  • DNA replication recombination and repair
  • Mechanisms of evolution
  • Role of evolution in disease
  • Organisation of cells in development
  • Differential gene expression in development
  • Generation of diversity through evolution of development
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