Promoting safe motherhood from a global perspective

Module code: MW4012

This module will be facilitated by a combination of lead lectures, seminars, practical and critical appraisal workshops and guided study, enabling you to examine the provision of maternal and child health from a global perspective, comparing and contrasting these provisions outside of the United Kingdom. This will enable you to construct a professional poster depicting a global health issue affecting safe motherhood to a professional audience of academics and peers.

Whilst it is recognised that the presence of an educated and skilled birth attendant, trained in basic emergency care is an essential factor in promoting safe and effective childbirth and reducing mortality and morbidity, this is not apparent in all countries world-wide, particularly those of low income. You will therefore assess the role of the midwife and various international agencies in improving global maternal and child health through health promotion and leadership, and the current state of midwifery in featured countries. You will critically appraise change management theory within the context of improving a specific aspect of global maternal and/or child health.

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