Emergencies in Midwifery

Module code: MW3014

This module is facilitated by a combination of lectures, guided study/online learning packages, clinical skills and emergency drills/simulation workshops in the clinical skills laboratory and in clinical practice.

Emergencies can occur at any point during pregnancy, childbirth or the postpartum period. In this module the concept of universal care versus additional care within a midwifery context will be analysed and the principles involved in the maintenance of a safe and effective maternity care and neonatal care environment will be critically assessed. The midwife’s role in the first-line assessment and management of complications and additional care needs of the woman, fetus and/or newborn infant, including support, referral, interdisciplinary and multi-agency working, escalation and follow-up, will be critically explored. You will debate the ethical, legal and professional issues related to safe and effective care and emergency service provision for childbearing women, the fetus and newborn infants.

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