Pharmacology and medicines prescribing applied to midwifery practice

Module code: MW3012

This module is facilitated by a combination of specialist subject lectures, small group tutorials, interactive computer-based activities, practical demonstration and simulation (medicinal products administration), problem-based case scenarios, practice based learning/work-based learning/caseloading, tutor directed reading and independent inquiry.

Medicines management can be a crucial aspect of a midwife’s practice, and in this module you will critically reflect on the legislative and regulatory frameworks, including national and local policies and guidelines, that govern medicinal products management within the UK.

You will gain an understanding of the pharmacology of specific medicinal products as applied to midwifery and neonatal care, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the actions, interactions and reactions of medicinal products within the complexity of midwifery practice. You will critically appraise contemporary information sources/advice relating to treatment options and make appropriate medication administration judgments in partnership with the childbearing woman, including the multi-professional team as and when necessary.

N.B. You will commence a Non-Medical Prescribing (readiness) Portfolio during this module that you will continue developing throughout the remainder of the programme within the practice setting. This will include your reflections from clinical practice and your understanding of the principles of non-medical prescribing based on the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Prescribing Competency Framework (2016) that are verified by a designated medical practitioner (DMP) or independent prescriber (IP). Your practice assessor and academic assessor will have oversight of the process. The portfolio will be summatively assessed by the END of the programme in the final placement for you to be deemed “prescribing ready” at the point of registration. Assessment will be on a pass/fail basis.

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