Developing care partnerships: Midwifery practice 3

Module code: MW3011

This module is facilitated by a combination of lectures, online learning packages, clinical skills/simulation workshops and clinical practice. Throughout the module, you will learn to contribute to the provision of universal and additional midwifery and neonatal care delivery in partnership with appropriate supervision and direction of practising midwives and other health and social care practitioners.

You will continue to develop effective communication and interpersonal skills to support childbearing women and their families in a range of normal and complex situations and learn to differentiate when decisions to expedite transfer of care to other health professionals are warranted to reduce morbidity of the woman and/or fetus/newborn infant. You will understand how to demonstrate proficiency in applying your knowledge of psychological, social, cultural emotional and spiritual factors that may positively or adversely influence normal childbirth physiology when planning universal and additional care for women and newborn infants. There will be discussions regarding optimal feeding in healthy newborn infants and those who have additional health care needs. As your knowledge and skills further develop, you will begin to recognise and understand how to effectively manage emergencies in midwifery.

There will be appropriate clinical placements across the range of maternity services and you will continue to undertake a small caseload of women and follow them through the childbirth continuum. During the placements, you will continue developing your knowledge and skills to provide the evidence of achievement of the NMC standards and EU requirements for midwifery practice within the Midwifery Ongoing Record of Achievement (MORA) that includes the systematic physical examination of the newborn infant and UNICEF-Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI) experiences.

In addition, there will be opportunity for you to arrange an elective/internship placement (see Module MW3013) in a clinical practice, education, leadership or research setting to gain an insight into midwifery leadership. Evidence from your achievement from this experience should be provided within the MORA, particularly Domain 5:  Promoting excellence: the midwife as colleague, scholar and leader.

You will have access to e-learning for numeracy and medicines calculations through Safe-Medicate throughout this module.    

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