Additional care requirements for mothers and newborn infants

Module code: MW2015

This module includes lead lectures and workshops that include case studies, group work, guided independent study and online learning to explore the different health conditions that may cause deviations from the normal physiology in the childbearing woman and fetus/newborn infant, alongside the challenges they create. The physiological processes that influence associated pathological conditions in childbirth and in the newborn infant, including the management are examined. The social factors that can adversely impact on the health and well-being of the childbearing woman and newborn infant are also explored.

You will critically evaluate the provision of care that vulnerable women, their newborn infants and families experience within the context of contemporary multi-cultural maternity, health and social care services. In addition, you will critically evaluate the role of the midwife as part of the inter-professional team when formulating an appropriate response in managing the immediate and ongoing care of women and newborn infants with additional care needs.

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