Engaging Audiences

Module code: MU7553

This module puts audiences at the centre of the exhibition process. You'll consider the museum as a site of representation, communication and meaning-making, while assessing a range of interpretive media and their role in audience engagement. The module will give you an understanding of theories of learning, media and design and their importance in museum communication. You'll also explore participatory approaches to exhibition making.

This module offers you a chance to put your ideas, experiences and theoretical tools into practice, through the development of a portfolio and an exhibition proposal. Areas covered by the module include: designing and planning an exhibition, analysing the exhibition space and issues of representation, creating a design brief, choosing interpretive media and planning events and an education programme. 

Topics covered 

  • Audience engagement
  • Participatory approaches 
  • Issues of representation in exhibitions 
  • Learning, media, digital design in exhibitions
  • Museum communication
  • Exhibition types and strategies
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