Contemporary Museum Contexts

Module code: MU7012

In this module, you'll sketch out the social, cultural and historical landscapes within which museums are located. This will help you to develop detailed understandings of the place of museums across the globe, in diverse societies, and explore their relationships to other institutions and agencies.

In this module you'll critically consider and discuss different histories and discourses concerning museums and galleries, and assess how wider agendas, policy formulation, struggles for justice, and current museum thinking are impacting on these institutions. You'll look out from the museum, to consider the external environment upon which it impacts and that, in turn, impacts upon it. Finally, you'll work to locate the museum within a number of trajectories around digital, educational, rights-based and ethical practice.  

Topics covered

  • Museum contexts and histories
  • Indigenous museology and culture for development
  • Communities
  • Decolonisation
  • Museums and cultural policy
  • Museum education
  • Museums and politics
  • Museum contexts
  • The postdigital museum
  • Museum ethics
  • Censorship
  • Critical practice
  • Digitality
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