Research Project

Module code: MU7008

This research project is a robustly researched, clearly communicated, well-structured exploration of an agreed subject, prepared according to established academic conventions of referencing and presentation. It is expected that there will be some element of original research and analysis in your work.

It can take the form of an academic paper which follows the format of academic conventions and is written in an academic voice; or a sector-facing proposal or report which sets out the parameters for a viable museum project (e.g. an exhibition or public programme) in a specific organisation, and is oriented towards museum practitioners and the panels that evaluate such proposals or reports. It could also be a video and reflective statement which allows for a dynamic and performative expression of your research findings which might include interviews, role play and/or debates.

Candidates are normally awarded a Master of Arts. However, if your topic is scientific in content or methodology, or concerns a science museum or collection, then a Master of Science may be awarded. 

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