Managing Data, Analysis and Application

Module code: MN7711

Are you ready to navigate the world of big data and business analytics?  This module is designed to empower you with crucial data-driven decision-making skills.

You will gain a solid understanding of big data sources, their management and manipulation in business contexts - a key learning outcome for modern professionals.  Our interactive multimedia study guide and recorded online lectures will enable you to grasp contemporary data analysis theory conceptually and critically

You'll delve into the world of information systems that support decision-making processes, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their roles and impact.  Through real-world case studies, you will learn to appraise the scholarship in the field, enhancing your ability to make informed, data-driven decisions.  Our online seminars and learning resources offer you an engaging platform where you'll learn to analyse a big data set and effectively communicate your findings to a business audience.  This is integral in today's data-driven business environment.

Through exploring intelligent business information systems, you will gain a critical understanding of the relevant theories and techniques.  This knowledge will equip you to analyse contemporary issues and devise solutions, linking directly to your learning outcomes.  You will be provided with a robust methodology for the interrogation, utilization and presentation of data.  Through a range of practical exercises, you will learn how to formulate, justify and defend an appropriate methodology, a crucial skills in the field of data analysis.

You will also apply for your knowledge to real-world problems.  You'll utilize various datasets to develop and operationalise an appropriate methodology for investigating problems in the field of data analysis.

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