Managing Finance for Corporate Policy and Strategy

Module code: MN7705

Finance plays a central role in the survival, growth and development of a corporation. It is an essential dimension of most corporate policy decisions and involves an understanding of the practices of the short term and long term capital markets. Alternative sources of finance are associated with different risks, which need to be identified, managed and mitigated when managers make strategic decisions, such as whether to merge with another company.

Another important set of finance decisions involves the choice of the company’s capital structure and dividend policy. Financial innovation is rapid with new alternative sources of finance, for example crowd funding, coming to the market. Managers, especially of SMEs, need to know about these new sources along with the risks associated with them.

Topics covered

  • Investment decision making
  • Models of risk and return
  • Capital structure and dividend policy
  • Sources of short term and long term finance
  • Financial planning, cash management, and credit management
  • International and corporate governance aspects of corporate finance
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