Managing International Marketing Communications, Brands and Relationships

Module code: MN7704

This module provides an in-depth engagement with a wide range of current marketing concepts, issues and challenges.

The two key dimensions are: how to organise and manage marketing relationships and supply chains in both consumer and business-to-business contexts, and how to understand and operationalise effective programmes for communications, promotion and stakeholder engagement activities.

In modern business administration these two dimensions are coordinated and implemented through effective and sustainable strategic brand management, processes which underpin the basis for the development of brand equity, brand value and competitive positioning.

Communications is at the heart of modern organisations. It is vital that all business professionals are able to understand and recognise effective communications strategies across a range of stakeholder groups. Organisations need to be able to communicate with customers, employers, investors, suppliers and regulators and this module considers different types of communication techniques and strategies to help you understand and apply core theories of communications.

You'll also learn about brands – how they are built, where they derive their value from, and what your customers love about them. You'll take part in an exciting group project which examines brand power across the world, comparing and contrasting the different cultural, social and economic conditions in which brands can flourish and grow.

Topics covered

  • Strategic marketing operations and communications in effective and sustainable business administration
  • Strategic brand management in global business
  • Business/organisational markets and consumer markets
  • Inter-organisational relationships in industrial networks and international supply chain management
  • Marketing systems, brand strategy and cultural capital
  • Corporate identity, visual identity and the corporate brand in emerging and developed markets
  • Brand valuation and brand equity models
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