Research Methods and Dissertation

Module code: MN7651

The dissertation will enable you to undertake a sustained investigation in an area of your choice related to human resource management and training. It provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and competencies acquired during the taught elements of the course.

The dissertation is the last stage of the course and may be your first experience of independent research. During this stage, you will formulate a research question, review current knowledge on the topic, apply for ethical approval, design, and organise the methodology and the implementation of your own empirical research, conduct data analysis and write up the findings.

This will require a good command of research techniques and tools together with a solid understanding of human resource management and training. You will guidance on focusing on your literature review, research methods, research project management, data analysis and write up. Additionally, you are assigned an academic supervisor who will guide and monitor you in the progression of your dissertation project.

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