Managing Change and Technology at Work

Module code: MN7650

The effective management of change is critical to the durability and success of business and organisations, and in recent years human resource managers have become the change leaders. This module will start with a consideration of why change is needed. It will explore the relationship between organisations and their environments before seeing how external and internal factors conflate to drive change.

Having familiarised ourselves with the types and the models of change which determine the practical processes, this module then goes on to explore the human side of change. Here we review the complexity of culture change, and consider the ways in which change provokes a range of human reactions.

Lastly, recognising technology as a key driver for change, this module looks at the ways in which IT not only drives change, but also, through the role of HR analytics, can be seen to prescribe the changes needed. This module takes a critical view of HR analytics and explores the ways in which technology and data exert critical influences on the ways in which we work.

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