International Business Dissertation

Module code: MN7054

This is the most substantive piece of work that you will undertake during your studies at the School of Business. The dissertation is an individual independent research project, which will provide an opportunity to examine, in-depth, an international business topic relating to your interests.  The dissertation will, therefore, comprise an in-depth investigation in a relevant area of your choice, demonstrating the knowledge, skills and competencies acquired during the taught elements of the programme.

You are supposed to produce a research design that encompasses both secondary and primary data, together with an appropriate methodology and data analysis framework.  In your dissertation, you should demonstrate an independent level of inquiry at an advanced level and the ability to identify relevant data from various sources and use this to generate findings.  Furthermore, it is expected that you critically discuss the research findings and, from the explanatory data generated, formulate practical recommendations for international organisations.  This process supports you to produce a dissertation that displays critical thought, effective insights and, where appropriate, originality, to fill a gap in the extant research literature.


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