Global Strategy, International Marketing and Operations Management

Module code: MN7053

This module encompasses three sections: Strategic Management; Marketing; and, Operations all at the international level.  In the first unit, you will become familiar with different schools of strategic management (i.e. descriptive and prescriptive) and also different approaches, methods and tools in each school.  The Strategic Planning process will be discussed in depth and implemented in numerous real-world case studies.  Furthermore, by investigating dynamic capabilities, different ways of gaining sustainable competitive advantage will be discussed.  Moreover, data-driven strategic management and also the role of decision-making and game theory in global strategic decisions will be discussed in this section.

In the second unit, international marketing is a vital role within successful organisations, ranging from advertising and many other promotional techniques to strategising and market research.  This unit of marketing considers key concepts of marketing and how these relate to contemporary practice.  The unit covers traditional approaches such the marketing mix, segmentation, targeting and positioning, as well as contemporary issues including digital marketing and sustainability.

Finally, in the third unit, operations management at the global level will be introduced.  Fundamentals of international logistics and the global supply chain would support graduates and practitioners in the future considering the significant role of supply chain, physical distribution, inventory management, warehousing, location, order management, pricing, demand forecasting, etc. are other relevant topics to be discussed in this module.

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