Market Intelligence, Data Analysis and Research Methods

Module code: MN7051

In this module you will focus on the international business (IB) research practices and theories used in research methods to help prepare for your dissertation or project.  As a student and practitioner of international business, you will need to demonstrate an ability to propose, design and execute a research project that addresses specific international business issues.

First, you will learn how to identify relevant real-world business problems/opportunities and/or theoretical research gaps that require further study and construct a research proposal to address a specific issue/gap.  This module is therefore designed to equip you with essential skills in qualitative (e.g. grounded theory, thematic analysis, systematic literature review, etc.), quantitative (e.g. data analytics, big data, business analytics, market intelligence, etc.) and mixed methodologies which are imperative to consultancy, as well as academic study.  Also, it helps to identify new trends in research methods and design and evaluate their impact and how they can be applied in real-world contexts.

Specifically you will encouraged to differentiate between industry and academic research theory and methods used in international business and evaluate the quality of research designs for different industrial applications and academic contexts.  Furthermore, this module provides the fundamentals to critique the relationship between academic and industry research and apply knowledge from the module to real-world research problems.  It will also encourage you to consider international business research as a career path.

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