International Business

Module code: MN3104

The advent of new technologies combined with the decline of protectionism has made it easier and more profitable for businesses and organisations to trade internationally. Globalised supply chains and markets have contributed to some of the biggest business success stories in history. However, not everyone has reaped the rewards of this, and the ability to successfully conduct business internationally is under threat from all angles like never before.

This module will enable you to assess the international business landscape in its wider context.

At the end of the module, you'll be able to identify the large number of cultural, political, economic and managerial factors relevant to international business. You'll be able to describe the main concepts, theories, tools and frameworks prevalent in international business studies. You'll be able to confidently discuss the significant dynamics, events and developments relevant to international business. You'll be able to critically evaluate the multitude of factors impinging on managers in an international business context.

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