Research Methods in Accounting and Finance

Module code: MN2150

During your final year at University, you will undertake your dissertation; a substantive piece of research into an area of your choice. Have you ever stopped to think of the process and methods that go into such a large body of work?

This module will give you a solid grounding in the research methods used in accounting and finance research, preparing you for your final year.

At the end of this module, you'll be able to describe and discuss commonly-used research processes in accounting and finance research. You'll be capable of distinguishing between different forms of data and demonstrating their usages to different research problems. You'll be proficient at assessing ethical issues and ethical frameworks in research and producing academically-informed strategies to address them. You'll be able to compose research questions that are actionable in an undergraduate research context. You'll feel comfortable evaluating academic research evidence and methodology.

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