Leading, Managing and Organising Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Module code: MD7459

In this module you will study issues of professional and managerial practice in healthcare, with a particular focus on quality and safety. We will look at effective management, leadership and partnership working across professional and organisational groups, drawing on the academic literature on these activities but also using practical learning to help you put these principles into practice. You will gain a scientific understanding of the organisational challenges that can plague complex healthcare systems, and practical guidance on how to co-ordinate and lead improvement efforts in your own organisation.

Topics covered

  • Theories of leadership, change management, governance and organisation, with particular reference to healthcare
  • Characteristics of healthcare organisation; implications of these for leadership, management and team work
  • Key strategies for leadership and change management: negotiating, managing conflict, coaching, approaches to service transformation and addressing behaviours that undermine safety culture
  • Impact of national policy on quality and safety in healthcare; implications of this for management, leadership and clinical practice
  • Strategies for leading and engaging others in improving quality and safety in healthcare
  • Real world case studies of leading and managing change/improvement
  • Key challenges and dilemmas of leading and managing in the current healthcare context (including the structural context)
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