Multi-platform and Entrepreneurial Journalism

Module code:JO2000

This module will introduce you to digital and social media journalism and to entrepreneurial journalism. Having learned how to produce effective news and features in the first year, you will apply your skills to digital and social media platforms, developing fast and effective ways of disseminating and sharing your journalism widely. 

You’ll then learn how to be effective entrepreneurial journalists carving out a niche and reputation in specialist journalism.

Topics covered

  • What is Digital Media?
  • What is Social Media?
  • Exploring journalism websites
  • Exploring social media channels
  • Effective digital and social media practice
  • Theories and Concepts around digital and social media
  • What is entrepreneurial journalism?
  • Entrepreneurial journalism case studies
  • Making your journalism stand out
  • Marketing your journalism
  • Theories of entrepreneurialism and their application to journalism
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