Post-war Italian Directors

Module code: IT3139

This module explores the developments of postwar Italian cinema through the work of some of its prominent directors. You will gain an insight into the history of postwar cinema and the work and aesthetics of key directors, such as Rossellini, Antonioni and Fellini, amongst others. You will gain an appreciation of the study of different cinematic genres and of a number of key issues that shaped postwar Italian cinema and society, including the question of (neo)realism, history/politics and identity, gender, language, space and landscape. You will gain an understanding of different cinematic styles and of the fast socio-political developments of postwar Italy. On successful completion of this module, you should be able to apply critical skills in your analysis of film texts and be able to place Italian postwar cinema within its cultural context.

Topics covered

  • Postwar Italian cinema
  • Cinema and society
  • Aesthetics
  • Identity and politics
  • Gender
  • Space and landscape 
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