Contemporary Environmental Challenges

Module code: GY7717

As a society, we are facing a range of critical environmental challenges. In this module you will analyse complex challenges and their interlinkages, and evaluate and critique a range of prospective and sometimes radical solutions. You'll focus on debates around ‘commons’, race and climate, aspects and practices of transition (e.g. energy and housing), diverse knowledges and on ways of valuing and conserving nature.

You will explore these themes both through reference to ongoing academic research, from within our own School and beyond, and through a range practical examples and case studies. The latter may include local field visits and engagement with activists and practitioners. Through this module you'll be required to think about possible environmental futures, and the challenges inherent in attempts to realise them.

Topics include:

  • ‘Commons’ and Enclosures
  • Transitions and the Transition Movement
  • Race and Climate Change
  • Diverse Knowledges
  • Environmental Values
  • Convivial Conservation
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