Political Geography: Space, Territory and Power

Module code: GY2416

This module offers a broad introduction to political geography and critical geopolitics. It will be taught through a combination of lectures and more hands-on workshops in which you'll get the chance to discuss and apply ideas from the lectures and set readings. 

The module explores the development of different geographical modes of thinking about politics and introduces key concepts related to these. At the heart of it is a sustained examination of the relationship between the state and territory at different spatial scales. It also examines and explains the changing forms and functions of the state in different historical periods, and different parts of the world. 

However, the module also highlights the dangers of only focusing on state-centred forms of politics, and examines the various ways in which people from different social groups do (or do not) attempt to participate in political processes and action. You'll be focusing on theories from feminist political geography to question the extent to which traditional definitions of politics might overlook the political demands and action of women, and other traditionally marginalised social groups.

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