Individual Project

Module code: EG7020

This individual project gives an opportunity for individual study and for the development of personal and technical skills, it enables you to integrate the knowledge obtained throughout the MSc course in a realistic exercise in the practice of engineering at a professional level. At the end of the module, you will also have acquired communication skills, both oral and written.

This project is a major part of your masters degree and will occupy approximately one third of your time, it is an organised activity that aims to deliver an example of professional engineering work. The objectives of the project will be defined at the beginning of the project, followed by an assessment and implementation of the means of achieving the objectives, and finally - the concluded results, communicated clearly in both written and oral form. The core of the project, the practical activity directly concerned with achieving the objectives, depends on the nature of each project and the project supervisor is the main reference point for this.

The project may be initiated by you or selected from a list of topics offered by academic staff - it can be theoretical, experimental, analytical or design based and often consists of an investigation into a problem of current industrial interest or the development of either a piece of equipment or a design aid. Many projects are related to sponsoring companies or to the research interests of the supervisor.

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