Module code: EC7080

Your dissertation is the last stage of the course and may be your first experience of independent research. You will face the challenging task of formulating a research question, reviewing current knowledge of the topic, and organising both the methodology and the implementation of your own empirical research.

This will require a solid command of econometric tools and techniques together with a mature and broad understanding of economics and finance. For this reason, you will attend revision lectures in econometrics and in the use of the most common packages for data analysis. You will also be asked to give a short oral presentation of your project one month after you have chosen your topic.

You will be assigned an academic supervisor and will meet with them at least three times. Your supervisor will help to guide you in your choice of topic, your selection of the readings, and your approach to - and interpretation of - your empirical analysis.

Writing a dissertation lets you focus on a specific research question, exploring its various aspects in detail. This may be the first step towards a PhD or it could provide you with specific knowledge that will benefit you in the job market.

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