Module code: CR7722

This module will explore cyber and online crime and the impact is can, and does have, on organisations. It begins by developing an understanding of what the internet is, historical perspectives in relation to its development and definitions of cyber and online crime.  It then considers types of cybercrime: including Cyber dependent, cyber enabled crime and the Internet of Things by considering a variety of forms of cybercrime – such as fraud, hacking/cracking, illegal marketplaces, child sexual exploitation, cyberespionage and cyberwarfare.  The module then moves on to consider the challenges that cybercrime presents for organisations in terms of regulation and policing – how/to what extent these offences can be prevented and how are/can offenders be caught and brought to justice.

Topics covered

  • Academic debates and concepts in relation to cyber and online crime 
  • The development of cybercrime and links to organisations
  • The relationship between cybercrime, criminology and the social sciences
  • Contemporary issues surrounding the policing and management of cybercrime within complex global, diverse, and uncertain organisational environments
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