Theories of Crime and Criminality

Module code: CR1001 (double module)

Are offenders different from non-offenders? Is crime the result of individual biology, psychology or social circumstances? What factors have been identified as ‘high risk’ in terms of predicting future criminal behaviour?

In this module you'll explore such questions by investigating the major theoretical models that Criminologists use to understand and explain criminal behaviour. You'll explore the fundamental assumptions of such models through lectures, workshops and interactive film session that will help you to assess the validity of Criminological theory in terms of explaining, predicting and controlling crime and delinquency. You'll critically review both historical and contemporary explanations for crime, and explore how such explanations inform both the cultural perceptions of crime and the policy and practise of crime control.

Over the course of the module you'll undertake a number of open-book tests that will help cement your knowledge. After becoming immersed in the subject, you'll plan, manage and undertake a critical review of a theory of your choice.

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