Entrepreneurial Project

Module code: CO3202

In this module, you will:

  • Carry out significant background research and a literature survey which underpins the project work. Produce a project plan, identifying a problem which may be solved with a software system
  • Undertake a series of workshops run by a start-up training company that support an entreprenurial approach to producing a software product with a client/customer base. Develop a USP, lean canvases, analyse competitors and the market, discuss monetisation and financial resources, develop a revenue model
  • Work out the nature of the deliverables to be produced. Identify the specification and design issues involved and undertake appropriate specification and design work. Implement the end software system according to their design work. Test and evaluate
  • Produce a short interim report on the initial stages of the project. Complete a career plan. Produce a prototype system and defend it under supervision. Undertake an Interview during the final stages of the project. Write a substantial dissertation summarising the entire project (this includes a critical appraisal and reflective comments on commercial, environmental and societal issues). Prepare and deliver an oral presentation with slides
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