Chemistry Project Part 2

Module code: CH4262

During part 1 of your Chemistry project, you will be completing a high-quality and original research project. In Part 2, you will get the chance to communicate your pioneering research to a wider audience by producing a project report.

In this module, you'll produce a logical, concise, professional report which communicates the project background and results to a non-expert audience. When appropriate, you'll use figures, diagrams, schemes and tables to enhance the discussion. Plus, you'll employ relevant scientific terminology and convention.

When presenting your research topic, aims and objectives, you must include key elements of relevant scientific literature for context. When documenting the course of your project, you will need to show your core chemistry knowledge and how you've used this to problem-solve. Plus, when you discuss your results, you must consider their significance within the context of the aims of the project & the general field.

In addition to your report, you will take part in a viva examination, which is an oral presentation where you will defend your report. This will test your understanding of your work and its context compared to existing research.

The ability to produce and defend a substantial report based upon original and pioneering research will be invaluable as you move on to a career, whether that be as a research chemist or in all walks of professional life.

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