Introduction to Chemistry

Module code: CH0061

Chemistry is a broad discipline with many areas and specialities under its umbrella. That's why we've designed this module to encompass a broad range of subjects and topics within the central science.

You'll look at the core theories and principles behind the study of chemistry at an undergraduate level, but also give you a taste of several areas, which may inform your choices later on as you move forward as a chemist.

Topics covered

  • The nature of atoms and molecules
  • The concepts of isotopes, moles and stoichiometry
  • IUPAC rules and the names of simple organic molecules
  • Regiochemistry and stereochemistry
  • Drawing accurate representations of orbitals, inorganic and organic molecules, including chiral molecules
  • Thermodynamics, its aims and terminology, including the first and second laws, enthalpy, entropy, Gibbs energy, chemical potentials, and chemical equilibrium
  • The difference between exothermic and endothermic reactions
  • The concepts of reversible reaction and dynamic equilibrium
  • Oxidation states
  • Electrophiles and nucleophiles
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