Analytical Research Project

Module code: BS3201

If you are not interested in the practical aspects of scientific research and want the opportunity to gain experience in the extraction, assimilation and evaluation of information in various forms then this module is for you.  You will have the opportunity to develop skills that are applicable to many careers and are highly valued by employers such as independence, initiative and problem-solving. The nature of our analytical projects often enable you to tailor the project to your own interests and you are strongly encouraged to use novel approaches over and above simply reading research journal papers. These approaches could involve the use of on-line databases, designing and administering a survey, visiting museums, consulting with different organisations, amongst many others.  

Analytical projects can take many different forms, so you could be analysing research data, conducting meta-analyses, or writing research proposals based on findings in the literature. This modules requires you to complete a project diary which enables the development of reflective practice, a skill much valued by employers, and gives you the chance to use you own experiences to improve the way you work.

Skills gained during this module:

  • The ability to conduct an in depth study in the form of a written report to answer a specific question by locating appropriate information sources and critically interpreting their findings in relation to other work in the subject area and in relation to project findings.
  • The ability to contribute to the discussions about the focus, direction and progress of the research.
  • The development of reflective practice
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