Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Module code: BS3054

The module will have at its core a detailed consideration of molecular pharmacology and signal transduction pathways (especially those regulated by GPCRs), including their structure and function in different cells and tissues. Within this framework we will consider the various approaches that have been successfully employed pharmacologically to manipulate different aspects of these pathways and explore future strategies for the treatment of different diseases. In addition to considering classical pathways downstream of GPCRs (e.g. cyclic AMP/cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase, etc.), we will examine how GPCRs can also regulate enzymes/pathways, such as phosphoinositide 3-kinase, mitogen-activated protein kinases and transcription factors. 

Various aspects of receptor regulation (e.g. receptor desensitisation and internalisation) will also be considered. Throughout the module the latest research in molecular and cellular pharmacology/cell signalling will be highlighted and discussed, and particular emphasis will be placed on these developments with respect to new pharmacological approaches to treating disease.

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