Principles of Microbiology

Module code: BS2030

This module builds on the knowledge of microbiology gained in module BS1040. The module provides an opportunity to consider microbes as complete entities rather than as sources of biological material. We will explore the fundamental theoretical aspects of bacteria and archaea, including culture techniques, energetics, grouping of bacteria, infectious diseases and industrial uses of bacteria and archaea. During the practical classes you will cover techniques for safe handling and observation of bacteria and archaea which will illustrate the theoretical work covered during lectures. A week-long field course designed to show the practice of microbiology in the workplace is run in association with this module and module BS2032.

Topics covered

  • Techniques for study of bacteria and archaea. 
  • Growth and energetics of bacteria and archaea. 
  • Practical aspects of bacterial and archaeal genetics 
  • Morphology and structure of bacteria 
  • Characteristics of selected groups of bacteria and archaea 
  • Introduction to industrial bacteriology 
  • Bacterial infectious diseases
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