Archaeology of Standing Buildings

Module code: AR7524

This module will provide you with an archaeological understanding of building construction and evolution and the ability to recognise different building materials. You will learn to determine the different functions of buildings and will be introduced to an array of analytical and survey skills, as well as more sophisticated methods of investigation. You will also be encouraged to investigate buildings in your locality and to produce a detailed survey and report on one such building as part of your coursework. We will also:

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the theoretical debates about the archaeological study of buildings and the chronological frameworks in which that study is set
  • Analyse the general evolution and development of building types in their archaeological context
  • Determine the different functions and the social, symbolic or ritual meanings of buildings
  • Critically discuss the research agenda behind the practical recording of buildings
  • Plan evaluations and undertake a simple recording exercise on a building and its context
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