Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age Britain and Ireland

Module code: AR2606

This module allows you to explore the famous sites of Britain and Ireland from the Neolithic to the Iron Age as well as the key questions about the periods. From Stonehenge to Newgrange, via Skara Brae, the barrows of Wessex, and the hillforts and brochs of the Iron Age, we will explore the archaeology of Britain and Ireland through periods of radical transformation. We will consider what life was like and how people lived and died. What kinds of groups did they live in? What kinds of structures did they call home? What types of monuments did they build and why?

The module is organised around three core themes: monuments; houses; and the treatment of the dead. For each theme you will first be introduced to the topic conceptually, considering key debates and theoretical approaches that shape how archaeologists have thought about the theme. Following this you will learn about the specific archaeological evidence for this theme from the Neolithic, Bronze Age, and Iron Age.

Learning materials for this module include recorded lectures, guided readings and exercises delivered through our virtual learning environment. The materials were designed by staff who research and publish about these periods. You will have two assessment periods for the module, each of which will involve writing an essay from a list we provide.

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